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The new postal system appears to be working although we are encountering delays early in the week as we are often travelling back from events on Monday and as collection needs to be booked 24 hours in advance any orders made over the weekend are taking a little longer to get out .

The latest independent book for CHILTERNS, THAMES VALLEY & LONDON is now available.

Alongside next months independents book, we will have the first of the big group books. We will try to have these as up to date as possible but with the current upheaval it is an almost impossible task to keep up!

Rally dates for June :

9th - Barry

22nd - Crewe

23rd - Chatsworth House

30th - Reading Buses

Rally dates for July :

6th - Gaydon

7th - Bournemouth

14th - Southampton

21st / 22nd - RM70

28th - Sandtoft




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